Are the Olivers of Finstock and Stonesfield related?

Well, this is indeed an interesting question as the name Oliver is prevalent in both Stonesfield and Finstock. To establish the definitive answer you have to go back along way in time.

I certainly believe however that the answer is Yes, the 'Finstock' Oliver's and the 'Stonesfield' Oliver's are the same family.

You have to trace back to the mid 1700's however to find the common link. This link is William and Anne Oliver (maiden name Smith) who were married in 1747 in Bloxham (Anne's home parish) but then settled and raised their family in Stonesfield.

William and Anne had eight children, six boys and two girls and seven of the children lived, and in many cases married, within Stonesfield. However one of their chilldren, their first, William, married a girl from Finstock and thereafter Finstock is where they settled and had their two children James and Thomas.

So, William and Mary were the first Olivers to live in Finstock and William was part of the Stonesfield Oliver family - and the rest, as they say, is history, all subsequent Finstock Olivers decend from this marriage.