Oliver found in 1762 Rectors book

After marrying in 1697, Joseph and Mariah proceeded to have three children, Elizabeth in 1698 (who died in the same year), John in 1699 and finally Mary in 1700.

John, who was baptised in Spelsbury married Mary Broughton from Stonesfield, in Stonesfield, in 1726. Mary was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth and was just 15 when she married John, it was not until an update in 1753 to the Marriage Duty Acts of 1694 than any minimum marriageable age was set.

In 1762 John was aged 63 and to the left is an extract of the Stonesfield Rectors Book for 1762 detailing the church rents for the year.

The second entry from the bottom clearly show's an entry for 'John Oliver's Rent' of 12 shillings. The first column denotes Pounds and the second column denote shillings (21 shillings to a guinea).

The images below are of the coins (Guinea left, Shilling right) that were in use in 1762 and show the head of George II.

Photo taken at the Oxfordshire Records Office.

Coin images from http://www.ukcoinpics.co.uk/.